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Resident Evil 2 Remake finally confirmed at E3 2018

Resident Evil 2 Remake Confirmed

Sony unveiled the first trailer for the much-anticipated Resident Evil 2 Remake during its E3 press event today, confirming a release date of January 25, 2019. The game will for sure be on PS4, other platforms haven’t been confirmed yet.

Just like in the 1998 original, the game stars Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they fight to survive the initial phase of the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City. All the classic enemy types have been remade with a much crisper look, the same can be said for the environments, which look as dark and foreboding as ever.

Many of the familiar locations like the sewers, RPD station and other areas from the original game have been given a brand new look.

One major change is that the static camera angles from the early games, and certain remakes, have been dumped entirely in favor of an over-the-shoulder camera that’s very similar in execution to Resident Evil 4. One good thing about this change is that it should make it a lot easier to move around and navigate puzzles compared to the static camera which was a constant hassle to deal with.

And because this is a modern game, OK it’s a modern take on classic, but regardless, there are pre-order bonuses. Pre-order Resident Evil 2 and receive 2 bonus weapons – S.T.A.R.S. members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine’s signature Samurai Edge handguns.

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Check out the announcement trailer and an official blurb about the changes to RE2 in the remake down below.

“In Resident Evil 2, the classic action, tense exploration, and puzzle solving gameplay that defined the Resident Evil series returns. Players join rookie police officer Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield, who are thrust together by a disastrous outbreak in Raccoon City that transformed its population into deadly zombies. Both Leon and Claire have their own separate playable campaigns, allowing players to see the story from both characters’ perspectives. The fate of these two Fan Favorite characters is in players hands as they work together to survive and get to the bottom of what is behind the terrifying attack on the city. Will they make it out alive?”

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