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The Beast Inside receives a new teaser

The Beast Inside has received a new teaser, sharing more of its spooky atmosphere and gameplay. You can check out this new teaser below:

The Beast Inside ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and aims to bring photo realistic horror to scare the pants off of anybody who thinks that they are brave enough to handle it. The story follows Adam, a CIA cryptanalyst, who has left Boston in order to move to the country with his wife, Emma.

Adam’s handlers are rather afraid that they will be unable to keep him safe in his new home, but he is adamant that he needs a peaceful place in the woodland in order to take a shot at military code and alter the course of the Cold War. Unfortunately, it appears that his chosen home may be far from peaceful.

Adam explores the house and discovers a hidden diary in the attic. This diary belonged to Nicolas and, once he began to read, brought the nightmares faced in the past directly into the present, thus putting both Adam’s and Emma’s lives in danger. There are several questions to be answered, such as why the mysteries from the Civil War era appear to be connected to what is occurring in the present, as well as the identity of Nicolas himself.

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There are many long-buried secrets, personal tragedies, and madness spanning more than a century for the player to deal with as they experience story-driven gameplay that merges horror and thriller. Every single item within the game can be interacted with as you control two protagonists in two different time periods. You will explore a complex semi-open world in the first-person perspective, interact with the environment, solve physics-based puzzles, deciphering codes, and looking for clues in old texts. Of course, it would be too easy without conflict, and thus you have a wide range of entities that you will need to run and hide from, or, if you so desire, take own with your revolver and your wits, possibly using the environment itself to your advantage.

PlayWay is currently aiming for a 2019 release on PC for the title, and they have recently confirmed that there are plans for a release on PS4 and Xbox One sometime later.

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