How to Complete the O Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the O Challenge in BitLife

With the end of a week, comes a glorious weekend. And for gamers, that means time to invest in the hobby. Some developers also like to run events during this time, and that holds true for BitLife developer, CandyWriter. Players have jumped into the game and been greeted with a new challenge. For the next few days, you can claim a special cosmetic in-game by finishing the challenge. Keep reading to figure out what’s happening this week.

Last week, we had the Queen Mother challenge, and we’re a new kind of queen this week. The O Challenge in BitLife is a pretty interesting one, as you get to live out a digital recreation of the iconic Oprah Winfrey.

How to Complete the O Challenge in BitLife

This new challenge is a pretty big one. You need to fill some legendary shoes with both writing talent and generous gift-giving. Here are the steps.

  • Be Born a female in Mississippi
  • Major in Journalism while on a Scholarship
  • Become a famous reporter
  • Give away 10+cars and 5+ houses
  • Write a best-selling book

Getting your degree

The first thing you need to do is make a female avatar that’s been born in Mississippi. The city you’re looking for is Biloxi. To help you out, make a character with high Smarts and Looks if you can. Now, just focus on getting through your education.

You need the scholarship to get this done, so focus on your grades and hope for an academic ride. Another option is to get an athletic scholarship. Provided you put the work in throughout Middle and High School you can get offered one. Be sure to work out constantly and focus on grades and extracurricular activities above all else for this to work. Once you have been granted a scholarship, it’s time to study hard and earn that degree.

Whatever method you get, it’s time to head into higher education. The goal is to get a degree in English. Becoming a reporter is the easiest part here, once you have that journalism degree.

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After graduating from University with a degree in English, you can apply for the reporter job in Press Studios. When it first comes up, you will see it listed as Jr. Reporter. Like every other occupation in BitLife, you need to work your way to the top. Keep going into your job and putting in extra effort via the option, you should get promoted after you age up enough. Now just keep putting the effort in and building your fame, you would be famous in no time.

Becoming famous

With your experience as a reporter behind you, it’s time to get famous for another reason. Use the Fame menu you’ve unlocked to write a book. You may have to do this a few times before it sells well, but just keep writing and doing appearances and you’ll get it eventually. Make sure to do the Fame menu options like commercials and talk show appearances, when you’re really famous, these can earn you millions. You’ll need that cash later.

Once you’ve made your millions, it’s time to give them away. The value of the cars and houses doesn’t matter. Just go into the Assets tab and then choose Go Shopping. Buy the cars and houses when you have the cash. You may have to write a few more books to afford the 5+ houses. Once you have them all, give them away as gifts. Go into the Relationship tab and choose the Gift option for each person. You can also give them away to coworkers at your job as well.

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