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How to farm Jute Scrap in Guild Wars 2

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Jute Scrap in Guild Wars 2 is one of many crafting mats. You will want to farm many different crafting items over your time in GW2. The amount of crafting you can do is pretty nuts. When leveling crafting in GW2, you have a lot of materials you will need in each tier. And it takes time to get them. You either need to farm Gold to buy them or you can farm them yourself. But when it comes to low-level items, it might just be better to buy it on the Trading Post. But if you’re really not into that, here’s where you can go.

How to farm Jute Scrap in Guild Wars 2

If you do want to farm it, there are two places you can go. But first, you need to know what to look for. Right from the beginning of the leveling process, you can farm Jute and other newbie items. You’re after the Bag of Pinched Goods. This loot bag drops from the Bandits in various zones. Two zones in particular are the best places to look. Bag of Pinched Goods can drop from Queensdale and

The Bandit Crop Burner, Cutpurse and Gunner in Shaemoor Fields all drop it. These can spawn in Queensdale, but also in the Maguuma Jungle and Maguuma Wastes. These two latter ones are level 80 zones, so you can get plenty of good loot off of them.

This can also be scavenged from level 0-20 light armor. But since level-scaling is a thing, your loot at level 80 won’t be the correct level. You need to farm for low-level items for salvaging on an appropriate character. But with the Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic, you can at least speed up the farming a bit.

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Should you farm specifically for Jute Scrap in Guild Wars 2, or really any other low-level materials? Not really. The time spent trying to farm these materials is pretty much wasted once you hit a high enough level. You’re better off farming rarer materials and selling them. When you have high-level materials that sell for much more, farm those and sell them. That Gold and Silver can buy plenty of Jute Scrap and other items.

It’s also advisable to try out other game modes. WvW PvP is a fun mode if you’re into big battles, although it can be pretty chaotic. When it comes to farming, get to level 80 and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about being heavily geared-out either. As long as you’re participating, you earn rewards and can complete Pips for reward chests. Every few minutes you are actively playing, you earn loot. You can earn claim tickets for gear, but also bags of crafting supplies and Gold.

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