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Elite: Dangerous Deep Space Surveys – 1 – 5


Elite Dangerous has recreated what is currently the largest recreation of the known galaxy in a video game.  Some 400 Billion star systems have been modeled into the game’s universe.  And exploring the vastness of the cosmos with a sense of wonderment and awe is a central theme of the experience.  To that end, some explorers have taken to the stars to map out the notable remote areas of the in-game world.

The Elite: Dangerous player known as Commander Dr. Kaii has an amazing series of videos to share, all about his explorations of our galaxy. The first episode, features a tour of the largest solar body known to man, a star 1,420 times the size of our own sun, Sol.  Later episodes continue the wondrous adventures, allowing viewers to marvel at the variety of star systems and astronomical features.

Just a few minutes in, it turns into a life-and-death struggle against gravity. Paired with what appears to be his Oculus set up it’s really quite something, and add to that the gorgeous soundtrack and Dr. Kaii’s sparse subtitles, it approaches the sublime.   I highly suggest you watch this series if you’re at all interested in Elite: Dangerous, or Astronomy in general.

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