How to go to college on a scholarship in BitLife

How to Complete the O Challenge in BitLife

Last week, we had the Queen Mother challenge, and we’re a new kind of queen this week. The O Challenge in BitLife is a pretty interesting one, as you get to live out a digital recreation of the iconic Oprah Winfrey. There’s a lot to this challenge, so you need to be prepared to put some work in. This challenge involves multiple steps, including being born in the right city in Mississippi. Once you’ve got that done, it’s time to work on your education. That’s the first hurdle for the challenge, as you can’t just get any old education.

To even get the job you need partway through the challenge, you need to go to college on a scholarship in BitLife. This guide will cover how to go to college on a scholarship in BitLife, and what you need to do after. You then need to turn that degree into a job, but more on that later.

How to go to college on a scholarship in BitLife

Make sure to keep increasing that Smart stat as you age, even starting as a child. Go to the Public Library and Read via the Activities menu every time you age up, it helps. While increasing your Smart stat, you also want to work hard in school. This will help you get the scholarship.

To get the scholarship, you have two options. You can get an academic scholarship by doing incredibly well. You need to have extracurricular activities in the bag, something like debate club, to help your chances as well. If you have a character with high Health as well, try going for an athletic one as well.  Check the extracurricular activities menu under your school and choose a team to join if you want to go this route. Just join a team in middle school and keep playing well. Keep putting in extra effort in school and your extracurricular activities to maximize your chances of landing the scholarship. Eventually, you will be made Team Capt. in High School, which is a good sign.

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You should get a random event that triggers for the awarded scholarship when your go to college. Then, you need to earn that English degree, then get the higher-level degree for Journalism. Once you have that journalism degree, it’s time to find a job as a reporter.

You need to make sure you put the work in. Click on the Occupation and then click Work Harder. Do this every time you age up, as it will ensure you’re putting maximum effort into this new job. As you get older and wiser, the chance of getting famous will go up. It also helps to have made a character that has high Looks and Smarts when making your avatar.

Then, you need to get a job as a reporter and become famous for your literary and investigative work. Once you’ve built your fame and fortune as a writer, you’re basically done. Then, you just need to become so wealthy that you can afford to give a bunch of expensive stuff away, like cars and houses.


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