How to insult your children in BitLife

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Part of the new weekly challenge in BitLife this week is to be pretty cruel to your progeny. You need to be a very unstable mother to complete the Manic Mother Challenge in BitLife. One part of this new weekly challenge is to insult your children in BitLife.

This one’s very different from the Mother’s Day challenge from a while back. This challenge is much more about being a terrible mother. For this task in the challenge, you need to insult your children and your stepchildren. While also having bad relationships with a bunch of other kids you’ve had. This one’s going to take some work.

To take care of this, you need to head into the Relationships tab and use the insult function. You only need to do it once for it to count. YOu don’t want to overdo it, as that can have other negative consequences. You will need to do this for all the children that you have naturally. So once you get them to age of three or more, use the Insult button to get the mark for the challenge.

Once you’ve done it for 10 kids you’ve had with baby daddies, it’s time to move on to other relationships. Yes, you really do need to have 10 kids at least with 10 different people for this challenge. And be aware that boyfriends and marriages don’t count. Use ’em and lose ’em for it to count for the challenge.

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You’re going to ruin a lot of relationships with this challenge, but it’s the name of the game.

Once that and the other steps for the Manic Mother Challenge are completed, you earn a new cosmetic option on your account.

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