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A new EVE gambling site has hit New Eden.  And along with it, another opportunity for capsuleers to make mountains of ISK!

Just like many other gambling sites for EVE, the bet way to make ISK is to use the referrals system.  5% of all your referrals deposits are credited back to you as a reward.  So getting those refs is the quickest way to make ISK, then you can even spin that ISK by betting ISK on tickets for raffles.

You also get 10M ISK free by registering with the link on this post, or from the link in the top navigation bar.

When you play at EVE Lotteries, you also earn Points automatically. These points can be used in Super Lotteries to win prizes.  Users can also start their own lotteries from a selection of templates so the most desirable items will come on raffle more often.

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