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Book of Demons launches FREE ‘Dungeons and Streamers’ DLC

Book of Demons Free Dungeons and Streamers DLC

Thing Trunk has released a new patch for their unique deck-building game, Book of Demons. This game blends together tons of elements from various iconic RPG and other gaming franchises to create a unique experience that gamers are sure to love.

Book of Demons takes place in a storybook world filled with all manner of fantasy creatures and crazy challenges, all wrapped up in a creative and deep deck-building gameplay loop. Book of Demons also throws some hack-and-slash action into the mix for a bit extra flavor. Throughout the course of the game, player choice features heavily in how you play. Not only can you customize the length, challenge and other minute details of each adventure, but you can play out any fantasy you like during those quests. Players use their constructed decks to drop loot, healing items and other goodies for their heroes. The players can now also make the quest harder by dropping in new challenges, and if the heroes manage to triumph, you get better rewards as a result.

The latest free update to the base game comes in the form of a free DLC for all players, titled Dungeons & Streamers. This new DLC adds in tons of new content the already impressive pile of stuff that makes up Book of Demons. With multiple classes, each with their own unique card sets, players have plenty of options, but things still won’t be easy.

The free DLC increases interaction between streamers and fans beyond the mere chat window, adding a new Help or Harm mechanic to gameplay. Help the streamer by dropping in health potions and bonus loot or Harmthem by throwing more monsters into their path.

The procedurally-generated dungeons contain dozens of monsters and other difficulties to deal with. There’s multiple different realms to trek through, many bosses to fight, and hundreds of achievements to earn.

The company also released a new trailer for the game and this update, check that out down below. Book of Demons launches for PC and Mac OSX gamers on December 13, 2018.

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