Null Sec Sov Fights

RAZOR Alliance Loses 2 Systems to Supercell


Phoebe seems to have opened up fronts for smaller alliances to attack. Supercell, formerly a renter alliance of Brothers Of Tangra and Shadow of xXDeathXx, are one of these alliances.
A week ago, RAZOR Alliance managed to capture HB-5L3 which connects Tenal to Cobalt Edge. Supercell, who live close to this system knew that it was time for them to stake a claim and plant their flag because their corporations weren’t making any revenue as they sat.
They knew that RAZOR would likely have difficulty defending the structures as they onlined, so Supercell started forming small groups of bombers. With these small fleets they started performing their ”Stealth-bomber terror”. SBUs that were in system were engaged and took damage with no retort from RAZOR.
Supercell decided that the SBUs weren’t enough and started look for something else to hit while RAZOR was either occupied elsewhere or was otherwise unresponsive. The TCU popped up into their minds and so they went to town.

They successfully downed the TCU with no answer from RAZOR. This kindled the alliance’s members’ bloodthirst – they wanted more. This excitement was focused into action; Supercell patiently initiated the construction of 60 battleships which they would use to reinforce the system’s IHUB.
Time passed and eventually the battleships came out of build with no sign of RAZOR coming to defend their holdings. Supercell members quickly bought the battleships off the market. The battleships were sold so quickly that, soon enough, they were able to field their latest fleet concept; a mix of Abaddons, Ravens and Dominixes with a wing of Catalysts as escort and additional DPS.

A fleet was formed, members joined and they all flew over to the IHUB preparing to fight a possible RAZOR defense fleet. They started attacking the IHUB, but again there was no response from RAZOR alliance….

The IHUB went into reinforced and Supercell members, who had previously seen themselves as just simple renters, began to see themselves as an alliance which can engage in sov warfare with one of the oldest entities in the game, and were now looking forward with dour-eyed determination, ready to do whatever it takes to capture a system they could call their own.

However, it didn’t all go Supercell’s way. While attacking the TCUs the alliance brought their battleship fleet with a wing of Catalysts as escort. Out of the 82 Catalysts that Supercell fielded they lost every single one and also managed to lose a Raven and an Abaddon. This was not to a RAZOR Fleet, or indeed any fleet. The losses came courtesy of a Minmatar POS Tower with a lone RAZOR Malediction pilot manning the guns.

I tracked down Dograzor, one of the Razor Alliance’s diplomatic contacts. They confirmed that two of their spare SBUs were destroyed but refused to comment whether they will defend against Supercell’s aggression or form to defend the IHUB when its reinforcement timer ends.

Whether or not this has anything to do with the recent loss of the Repercussus [-R.P-] corp, which included a lot of their USTZ members and one of RAZOR alliances’ main USTZ FCs, is something on which RAZOR would also not comment. However, until RAZOR field a fleet in the USTZ and commit to a fight we will not know how this has affected their alliance.

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