How to cook food in Core Keeper

Core Keeper Review

Core Keeper is a sandbox survival game that has a rather cute style, and tons of fun buried underneath the adorable exterior. It’s a Minecraft-inspired title, through and through. But don’t let that comparison push you off. Let’s talk more about what this game does to keep the player engaged. As is par for the course with these mining games, you have to figure things out and make your own fun. Players are excepted to power up the Core as they explore the underground biomes and destroy larger and larger monsters.

That process will mean you take some damage from time to time. There’s also a hunger system that means the hungrier you are, the weaker you are. Trying to take on bosses while too hungry will slow your character down, and means they do less damage. You absolutely want a full stomach before fighting bosses, unless you plan to suffer a lot of unnecessary deaths. This means you need to learn how to cook. Cooking in Core Keeper is a basic process, easily done once you understand it.

How to cook food in Core Keeper

To be able to cook food in Core Keeper, you need to do some prep work. You need both a way to cook the food and a way to grow it. In Core Keeper, crafting a cooking pot is done at the Basic Workbench using two wood and six copper. Once you have that, you’re ready to get started. But first, you need to have something to cook.

Some Prep is Needed

Players need to be able to grow food first and foremost. You will have to make the basic tool workbench and find the resources to make tools. It’s also required that you make the watering can and use that to water your crops. To prep the ground, you must construct a Hoe to plow the ground. Water the ground, then stick your seeds in. Go off and adventure, by the time you return, your food should be grown. You also need to make the tools using Copper. so get out there and mine. Once you’re ready to grow, you should have a steady supply of items to actually cook.

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Cooking is done via recipes. When you press E on the Cooking Pot, the menu comes up, showing two slots to place ingredients into. Every two items you put in will have a certain impact. Some items will heal you, as well as boosting stats. Using items like the glowing flowers will actually make your character glow in the dark as well. The first time you make any item, the recipe is saved. Click the green book icon in the cooking pot UI to bring up your known recipes.

How to cook food in Core Keeper

Cooking within Core Keeper is all about experimenting. Finding the best recipes for you will involve hunting down ingredients. You can find plants growing out in the various biomes, but also in the crates that you can smash. Just throw things together and see what you can come up with.

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