How to make a potion of strength in Minecraft

How to Grow Nether Wart in Minecraft

Potions in Minecraft are a great way to get buffed for combat, exploration and more. The game puts a ton of focus on surviving the various dangers of a digital world, and sometimes you need help. Having enchanted gear is great, but sometimes you need something a little extra. Sometimes you just want to hit mobs harder. Other times, you might want to get a bit of resistance to incoming damage. The potion of strength in Minecraft is perfect for that. Keep that in mind, and keep reading to get a nice powerup.

How to make a potion of strength in Minecraft

To make this potion, you need to go out and gather some materials. Before making any potion, you need a Brewing Stand. The Brewing Stand is key to making potions. You will need to put the receptacle and the ingredients in the slots on the stand to make your potion. To make one, you need one Blaze Rod, and three of either Cobblestone or Blackstone. Once you have the stand made, you’re ready to brew any potions you might want.

You will also need at least one glass bottle. Glass Bottles are used to contain the final potion, so you need one for each potion you’re going to make.

What ingredients do you need?

You need 1x Nether Wart, 1x Blaze Powder and 1x Water Bottle for each potion you want to make.

Setting up a fully automated Nether Wart farm is huge for all of your potions. The Nether Wart is the red flower that you sometimes find in Nether Fortresses. Anyone who doesn’t know what those are, it’s the giant structures made of Netherbrick that spawn in the hellish zone. You will find them randomly spawned all over. The Nether Wart often spawns in the soul sand patches at the bottom of stairwells in these locations. The Blaze Powder is a drop from Blazes, also found in the Nether.

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Making the Potion

Start by adding the Water Bottle(s) to the three bottom slots. Then place the Nether Wart into the top ingredient slot, next to the bubbles. Next, add the blaze powder to the top box in the Brewing Stand menu.

Once you have made the constituent potions, you’re ready to begin. Place the Awkward Potions in the three slots in the bottom of the Brewing Stand interface, Blaze Powder in the fuel section, and another piece of Blaze Powder in the top section. Let the potion bubble away for three minutes to make the actual potion. Once the brewing process is complete, you will hear a “glug glug glug” sound and the Blaze Powder will disappear. The Potion of Strength will now be finished.

You can also extend the effects of a Potion of Strength. Leave the Potion of Strength in the slot after it has brewed, then ad another Blaz Powder to fuel it up. This time, add a piece of Redstone into the top box. This will extend the duration from the default of 3 minutes, all the way up to 8 minutes.

How to make a potion of strength in Minecraft

There are many other potions you can brew in Minecraft as well, all with really awesome effects. Fire resistance potions are pretty good, so go make some of those too.

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