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Destiny 2 Season 11 world loot pool teases weapon changes

Destiny 2 Season 11 world loot pool changes teased

Bungie has just released some very interesting new plans for Destiny 2. There’s a lot coming to the game that players will want to know about. The biggest shift is that the developer is planning to retool the Destiny 2 Season 11 world loot pool. As such, these changes do not cover specific weapons from specific activities like Strike, Nightfalls, the Crucible, or Gambit.

The changes were teases in the This Week At Bungie blog post. Within that post the team discusses both their reactions to the developing metagame and their plans for the future. The Destiny 2 Season 11 world loot pool, just like other elements of the game, must work in tandem with the system. The developers have designed this batch of loot the give players a new goal to chase, while not upsetting the delicate power balance too much.

Bungie will begin working through the loot pools, and other areas of the game, to “sunset” certain parts that don’t mesh well. According to Bungie, “it will be curated both for relevance and overall size, to strike a balance between number of rewards and the chance to get a sought-after drop.”

To put it another way, the metagame needs some work. And Bungie is primed to give the players what they need in Destiny 2 Season 11. In practice, we’re about to see some nerfs across multiple popular weapons. To get a handle on how much things are about to change, let’s look at something.

The list below is the current roster for the Destiny 2 Season 11 world loot pool. Within this bundle of gear are some often-used items, and others that don’t see much use at all.

  • Uriel’s Gift
  • Elatha FR4
  • The Old Fashioned
  • Mos Epoch III
  • Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun
  • Last Hope
  • Timelines’ Vertex
  • Interference VI
  • Dire Promise
  • True Prophecy
  • Jian 7 Rifle
  • Enigma’s Draw
  • Distant Tumulus
  • Escape Velocity
  • Honor’s Edge
  • Gnawing Hunger
  • Arsenic Bite-4b
  • Main Ingredient
  • Outrageous Fortune
  • Truthteller
  • Nature of the Beast
  • Last Perdition
  • Bad Omens
  • Night Watch
  • Toil and Trouble
  • Wishbringer
  • Last Dance
  • Lonesome
  • Long Shadow
  • Steel Sybil Z-14

These weapons run the gamut in terms of power. And with players hunting high-end rolls by farming the same content over and over, the number of these weapons that ends up being used is actually pretty small. It stands to reason that Bungie wants to change that a bit. Whether they aim to buff other weapons that aren’t used as much is hard to say. A tweak to the stats of certain rolls, and their prevalence on certain weapons, could really help here.

Bungie is still playing pretty coy with the details though. Perk updates are discussed though. There are some rather interesting tweaks coming to the game with the next season. The shared loot pool will also get tweaked to make it easier to find the mods and perks you want. Bungie has also said that drops within this new meta will by cycled in and out to keep their Power Levels consistent and up-to-date.

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