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Risk of Rain 2 roadmap for 2020 revealed

Risk of Rain 2

The next patch for Risk of Rain 2 will be the full 1.0 release of the game. The developer has revealed their plans via a new roadmap, which is cool to see. Risk of Rain 2 will finally be getting its final full release this year. The developers apologized to fans that the patch has taken so long, but they wanted to get everything right.

Risk of Rain 2 players were able to enjoy the game over the last year, but it was incomplete. With the upcoming 1.0 release for both consoles and PC, gamers will finally get to see the end. The 1.0 patch has new gameplay loops, more characters, and a bunch of other goodies.

The update also details some changes and plans for the console version of the game. Along with the PC release gamers will find that the console release is also getting some interesting new content. Both the PC and console versions will be getting more bosses and levels as a start. The final boss and levels in the game will finally be enabled, for example. Fans will also find some new unique items in the game too.

The 1.0 patch for the PC version will also include a bunch of new content, similar to the console version. Players can expect to see more new bosses, levels, and a bunch of new items. It’s all very similar between the two versions, so players won’t miss out if they decide for one over the other.

Both versions also include a bunch of quality of life changes, especially to online play. Developer Hoppo Games will finally add in quickplay matchmaking for players to hop right into. There are also various improvements to the networking code. Those playing the game on slower or high-latency connections will find that the game deals with these issues better in 1.0.

The game has been out on PC via Early Access for some time, so if you want to hop in now you can. It’s also out on consoles, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

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