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There is already a PlayStation 4 emulator for the PC, GPCS4

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There are two different PlayStation 4 emulators in the works already. In a rather impressive turn around time, there’s Orbital a PS4 emulation tool in development. And then GPCS4 is another PlayStation 4 emulator that appears to be a bit further along. Be careful about being too excited, these emulators are far from being ready for primetime.

According to its creator, GPCS4 can finally render a 2D image demo. Moreover, GPCS4 can boot some games. So far, small indie titles have been shown to be supported. For example, the PS4 twin-stick shooter We Are Doomed is supported. The development team also showcased the PlayStation 4 emulator being able to boot the PlayStation 4 version of NieR. It’s vital to remember that these games are not playable.

For context, the PS3 emulator RPCS3 took years to reach the point where it is now. GPCS4 will likely take many years to reach the point where it can play PS4 games with any degree of reliability. PS2 emulation is still not perfect compared to bare metal. The PS3 and PS4 emulation projects are both still in very rough states. Emulation is extremely complex, as simulating the hardware and then running the software on top of it requires a ton of work.

You might be wondering why people are so eager to play PS4 games on PC given all of the challenges. With the incoming launch of the PS5, gamers on the PC are eager to get access to the various PS4 exclusives, so there’s one reason. Many more however in the emulation scene take on the task in order to preserve the legacy of legendary game consoles. The PlayStation 2 had been held up long-past its prime thanks in no small part thanks to the modding and emulation scenes. There’s a real chance that Sony could be maintained as a gaming brand for years if emulation efforts are successful.

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Those who want to contribute to the project can download this PlayStation 4 emulator from GitHub. Developers can also assist in its development via its Discord channel.

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