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Valve accidentally sells too many Steam Controllers

Valve Just Killed Steam Link

The Steam Autumn Sale has wrapped, leading to the massive Winter Sale set to begin on December 19th and run until January 2nd. During that prior sale, Valve made the decision to drop the price of the Steam Controller. The peripheral originally retailed for around $50 USD, and it quickly sold out. Valve had limited stocks, so the discount all the way down to $5 led to a rush on those limited products. Though now, the users who were able to order one are reporting a problem.

It turns out that the Steam Controller stocks ran out. Valve has announced that they will in fact not be able to fulfill all of these orders. It turns out that a $5 controller was such an appealing deal from Valve that gamers bought all of the Steam Controllers before all orders were filled. This has led to Valve cancelling some orders prior to shipping due to shortages.

The email, as shared on Reddit also explains “During our recent sale, we mistakenly took more orders for the Steam Controller than we were able to fulfill. As we are no longer producing this product, we are unable to send you a Steam Controller and have refunded your purchase.” The email apologies for any confusion and inconvenience.

Other problems surrounding the Steam Controller discount are also being reported. Some reports have surfaced surrounding these refunds and how they were paid out. According to one user, the refund was given back in the form of Steam Wallet funds as opposed to being reissued to the credit card that was initially used to make the purchase.

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The Steam Controller was well known for being used in conjunction with the Steam Link. And yes, the Steam Link was also canned along with said controller. Valve has since rolled the features into Remote Play. So sadly, if you didn’t get in while it was still available, the Steam Controller is now gone.

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