When is Deadlock Protocol releasing for Warframe?

Warframe Deadlock Protocol Release Date

The Deadlock Protocol is Warframe‘s newest expansion, due soon. The new content will focus on the Corpus faction in-game by expanding their story. The Corpus really like money, and they’ve turned that desire for profit into quite the stage catch-22. The Deadlock Protocol expansion will expand on that theme by adding new quests that give more meat onto the bones of the Tenno and Corpus stories.

The upcoming expansion is a bit of a mystery, but it’s coming soon. Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol is coming in June 2020. Digital Extremes has not released the final release date yet. We will detail more aspects of the expansion as we get closer to the launch.

The biggest new addition is a new Warframe, Protea. Protea is a new support Warframe. Protea has a new passive ability that buffs allies with various trinkets that she tosses around. Her theme is very much inspired by sci-fi engineering, so expect some very interesting gadgets. Protea can do things like dropping ammo and health for allies, for example. Her abilities offer a nice little attack-based boost to Slash damage too. This combo of support skills and nice physical damage is further augmented by a massive energy-based weapons system.

There’s even a new tileset coming to some Corpus missions. The Wolf of Saturn Six introduced a new tileset for Gas City, the Corpus Ship, and now the new expansion is doing it too. Deadlock Protocol will have a new tileset as well, although details are still a bit of mystery. Currently it looks like the Gas City tileset will be getting a major graphical rework.

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