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PL/NC. Skirmish with HERO over 3GD6-8 Station Armor Timer, Oh…and HERO Kills a Wyvern

At around 0:00 EVE Time, the 3GD6-8 Station was due to come out of reinforce as the final fight in the system between PL and HERO.  If HERO failed to rep the station and reset the timer, they would lose the system to PL.  As a result the amount of response to CTAs from HERO was staggering.  With multiple fleets being maxed at 250 pilots.  HERO brought a mainline DPS fleet comprised of Tengus and Eagles.  With a secondary Ishtar fleet in support.  This was of course furher supported by a massive 200 man EWAR fleet of mostly Crucifiers, themselves having “Rushcat” fit interceptors in support for ECM bursts.

The main objective for HERO was clear, they had to rep the station.  To that end, the main fleet was to hold the line against the enemy long enough for the Carriers to get on grid and rep the station.  As the timer drew closer to expiring, HERO intel flooded in that in addition to the slowcats and supers PL is known for, the TFI fleet used in the last fight would make a return.  The last IHub fight went poorly for both sides. Where in one engagement PL took a bloody nose, but then HERO traded heavily for a Pyrrhic victory, and lost a large amount of ships to PL.

This TFI fleet came into the system first.  Followed by a surprise for HERO.  PL had called in their ally NC., who themselves brought a fleet of T3s to deal with HEROs EWAR frigs.  The surprise didn’t seem to catch HERO off their footing too badly as suicide dictors quickly flew into the sub cap fleets for PL/NC. and delayed them from warping on grid with the station.

As expected, Goons were on hand as “honorable third party” to bomb anything within reach.  Scoring some easy subcap kills in the process.  The system peaked at over 1100 pilots one point, putting the fight into place as one of the biggest in Catch in the last couple of months.

All of this went on while near max level TiDi was affecting the node.  Even after the nodes were reinforced and the grid extended for the station, TiDi was still a nightmare, slowing warps and module activations to a crawl.

As the HERO support held their enemy away from the station, Carriers rushed to rep the station.  Which despite taking some losses, they were able to do. This now means that PL will have to repeat this process of attacking the system in order to take it.  Which they immediately did by RFing the station as the battle finished.

With the objective complete the DPS fleets settled in for a brawl.  But due to bad positioning by the HERO forces and a lack of EWAR effectiveness, only the NC. forces took heavy losses.  The call was made to disengage from the fight with PL/NC. as the losses mounted in both subcaps and capitals for HERO.

At a point in the fight, PL brought in it’s supers in full force to DD the HERO caps off the field, securing several kills.  Including the Archon of HERO FC Travis Keikira

However, a wrench was thrown into these plans as something was unfolding on the YHN-3K gate in the 3GD6-8 system.  A common event run within EVE known as “Dead Or Alive” had made the decision to jump into the system.  This was quickly noticed by HERO.  Who broke off from the station fight to shift bubbles and DPS onto the Wyvern.  The final blow on which was worth 1 Billion ISK.

After sufficiently sending all the newbros in to get on the killmail, the Wyvern attempted to run into YHN.  Where as expected, HERO pounced on it again.  The final killmail shows 500 pilots, but there were no doubt many more involved.

Wyvern Kill

Now the system of 3GD6-8 and YHN-3K stand as graveyards for hundreds of drones, ships, and pilots.  With the cycle no doubt to continue when the next timer comes out.

As expected, the EVE community as abuzz with the result of the fight and the Wyvern kill.  I’ve included some screens taken by one BNI newbro.  You can find many more on r/eve or r/Bravemewbies

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