How to salvage gear, and get back Enchantment Points in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons

Of all of the systems and gameplay loops in Minecraft Dungeons, one is kind of important. The Enchantment Points in Minecraft Dungeons are probably the most vital. As this game is an ARPG all about exploration and collecting loot, the need to grow in power is pretty constant. Players will find mountains of loot, and that powerful loot is pretty cool. Aside from the base stats, as you level up you gain access to more powerful magic enhancements for your gear.

There are two character levels in the game, one represents the level of your character and their base stats. The other level is the measure of your gear and its overall power. You can raise the latter of the two by improving your gear with enchantments and the like. You can add fire damage to a sword to immolate enemies. Players could also add the ability to fire massive bolts to a crossbow. It’s very up in the air as to what you can do with Enchantment Points in Minecraft Dungeons.

But if you want to rearrange your Enchantment Points in Minecraft Dungeons, you do have a way to do that. Each piece of gear has a certain number of slots for enchantments. And each piece of gear has a cap on the number of points that can be dumped into it. If you want to get more, you need to unlock a new enchantment and reassign the points to it. This is a good idea once you’ve leveled up and gotten too strong for that older sword.

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Players have a salvage option that will enable you to grab those points back, which is helpful. Use this to reclaim Enchantment Points and place them on your new weapon.

To salvage the points from an item, open up your equipment screen. Select the item you want to break down, and a new screen will open up. On the right-hand side of this new screen, you will see a salvage button. You can break down the item for gems and to reclaim your Enchantment Points in Minecraft Dungeons.

You can see an example of the UI in action in the image down below.

Gear UI in Minecraft Dungeons

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