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Will there be Maneater DLC?

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If you’ve been enjoying Maneater, you might want to dive back into those bloody waters. But if you’re already through the game and there’s nothing left, what are you to do. That brings up the question of whether there will be Maneater DLC. You’ve become the king of water, so it would help to know if there will be new bosses to take down, or areas to explore.

The campaign is all that’s really in the game right now. And it would be a great thing if Tripwire adds new content. It would also be really cool to see new zones to explore and collectibles too. So with that in mind, let’s answer the question of what’s going on here.

Will there be Maneater DLC?

The simple answer is no, there will be no Maneater DLC as of now.

The team will seemingly be focused on working on the game for now. That means rather than producing new content, the studio will put their effort into making the base game as bug-free and polished as possible. It makes sense from that perspective, as they want people to enjoy the game. If Tripwire left that game in a buggy state, new DLC wouldn’t make it any better.

There still remains the possibility of getting Maneater DLC, although the developer hasn’t announced any plans. They did say in a recent interview that plans were still uncertain. Although there is one interesting development.

According to Reddit user elder-one29, the Tripwire Interactive team members have been split into two teams. Each one seems to be working on a different area of the game. It’s possible that the main team will continue to work with the game’s patches, while the other has begun prototyping DLC ideas.

So whether this results in a release of DLC for the game isn’t certain. But if the rumor turns out to be true, we could be in for some interesting future for our digital sharks. Maneater‘s Nintendo Switch port is still due for release, so it could just be the team working on that while the other versions get the rest of the team’s attention.


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