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Metro Exodus reveals expansion pack details

Metro Exodus Story Trailer

Metro Exodus isn’t done showing off just yet. 4A Games may have courted a fair amount of controversy as the game was released as an Epic Store exclusive for one year, angering many a Valve fanboy and PC gamer. And despite that kerfuffle and the months of fallout and rage, the developers continue to support the game and try to make Metro Exodus the best it can be.

This week 4A Games and Deep Silver have announced that the open-world adventure will get at least two story-driven expansions as part of the post-launch content for the title. These two will be released by 2020, and for those wondering, you won’t be controlling the main hero of the franchise Artyom.

The first release will be called The Two Colonels, and it will place the player into the shoes of a character fans might just recognize. The story is all about what went down with Colonel Khlebnikov on his journey to find his son. He is the father of private Kirill Khlebnikov and one of the last survivors in Novosibirsk, a dead city which is a major beat in the main game.

The second batch of content comes to Metro Exodus with the launch of Sam’s Story. This second DLC will put the player to work as a US marine who was stationed at the US embassy at Moscow when the bombs fell. Sam, this new character, will get his own map based on the Vladivostok zone from the main franchise. Can you make it back to the USA? Find out with Sam’s Story.

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The main game is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The expansion packs don’t have a firm release date, but are listed for launch sometime in Summer 2019 for the first content update in The Two Colonels. The second expansion, Sam’s Story, will drop sometime in 2020. Both pieces of DLC will be available as part of the game’s expansion pass or individually, so you can get them pretty easily as you want them.

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