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Check out this spook-filled Blair Witch gameplay

Blair Witch

Bloober Team is gearing up to venture into the dark and dank woods to hunt for a mysterious menace with their new horror title, Blair Witch. We saw this particular scarefest earlier this week with its unfortunate announcement that the DRM-free version would be delayed from launching on GOG. Details surrounding said delay are still scarce, but Bloober Team has something new to share with us, and it’s a lot better than a delay, assuming you don’t mind being scared.

This time we get a much more revealing gameplay trailer that shows off what the game is like. And based on what we can see, I think we’ve got a pretty clear picture of what to expect out of this Blair Witch video game.

The player still has their trusty pooch, that you can easily command to find things or help you evade enemies, so that’s nice. Dog fans will certainly love having that bit of companionship in this terrifying setting. Through the lens of your camera, echoing the UI and control schemes of other horror titles like Outlast, Blair Witch offers tension mixed with stealth and some combat. But if you’re looking to hyperactive action, this may not be the game for you.

After all, horror titles rely on tension built in more subtle ways than direct conflict. A lot of that tension is accomplished through some clever tricks, namely using obfuscation and interesting level design to reinforce the threat of the bad guy without actually showing them. And it looks like this game will take a similar path.

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Check out the trailer for the game down below.

Blair Witch can be wishlisted on Steam. You can also follow it on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. If you’d like more information about the game, check out the official website. The game is slated for an August 30th release on Steam.

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