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Fall Guys will go free-to-play when it arrives on Xbox and Nintendo Switch on June 21

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Fall Guys was once the white-hot commodity of the gaming scene when it exploded onto Twitch, roping in millions of players. You couldn’t swing a cat without hitting someone playing the game. The developers capitalized on this success well enough, pushing out new maps and other content. And now, the game is moving in an entirely new direction. After multiple seasons of new games, maps and other content, the game is going all-in on F2P.

The game had a huge rush of players in that initial explosive growth of 2020, peaking at hundreds of thousands of concurrent players. But that wouldn’t last. After Fall Guys‘ player numbers started to drop, people largely thought the fad was over. Many folks moved on to other games, but a hardcore group of fans remained. Over the course of 2021, Epic worked on various content updates for the battle royale title. Mediatronic has been working to keep the game alive since the fall, and done a pretty good job.

And now, things are changing again, but this time for the better. Epic Games has announced that gameshow-themed battle royale Fall Guys will go free to play soon. The publisher even put out a trailer teasing this change, which can be seen below.

In fact, the entire game will be getting its biggest update yet as it arrives on new consoles with a slew of new content. The new versions on the Switch and Xbox will also have full cross-platform play enabled from the start. This will help the players find matches much faster than normal, although that remains a pretty quick process, even with fewer players online overall.

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This move will make the game disappear from Steam, as Epic wants to get more users on their storefront instead. Those who already own Fall Guys on the platform will still get all the updates and new content going forward, but new players on PC will have to get it through the Epic Games Store.

Furthermore, those who do already own the game on PC and PlayStation 4 will also get an additional bonus in the form of a free Legacy Pack. This will include an exclusive nickname, nameplate, and the Regal, Veggie Dog & Feisty Dwarf Costumes. That should help ease the transition a bit.

Fall Guys arrives in its new guise on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on June 21.

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