Site News, August 15 2015

ISKMogul.com has come a long way over the last year, and it’s getting bigger and better everyday! The site has grown from an EVE-centric blog into a more full-featured blog covering all manner of gaming and related news and events. Which brings me to this announcement of sorts,

As some of you may have noticed, there has been an increase in the variety of content and associated advertising on the site. With a heavy focus on tabletop gaming and related interests. These hobbies have long been an interest of mine, and I’ve put them into the regular stream of content to share that love with all of you. This also functions as a bit of a testing phase for the site. The forms of content that do well will continue, those that don’t will be removed.

I’m analyzing the general reaction to these new topics and based on that, I’ll determine whether to continue covering them over the next few months. So if you want to see more or less RPG and tabletop gaming content, let me know in the comments or @ISK_Mogul on twitter.

Some of you may be wondering why I don’t cover EVE as much as I used to. Simply put, there just ins;t as much going on that I deem as worthy of covering. Aside from Reddit drama, large fights and game dev news are often the only things that might be worth covering. And as we head into the winter months, everyone seems to be collectively holding their breath waiting for the other shoe to drop in null. It’s inevitable that something big and explosive will occur with the final revamps to SOV, it’s just a question of when. When that time comes, I’ll no doubt be covering more New Eden shenanigans then.

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