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Fortnite players can now share v-bucks on PlayStation

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Fortnite players can now share v-bucks on PlayStation consoles that support the game. Sony has finally decided to let Epic offer the feature to users, allowing them to trade the currency. It took this long as Sony was ultimately in control of what happens on their ecosystem. Console makers are often notoriously difficult to get approval for new features, as is the case here. But at the very least, you can now trade the in-game currency in the most popular battle royale title.

Since you can share v-bucks on PlayStation, this allows for friends and family to basically gift the in-game currency to each other. This has been a very common request among fans, as sharing the currency is much easier than letting kids access payment info. Parents can more tightly control their spending for PlayStation gamers with this feature. There is an ongoing concern over scams, which are common with V-bucks. Players could potentially be tricked into giving away their currency, but that’s where some good ole caveat emptor comes in. Just don’t send your V-bucks to users you don’t know and you should be fine. And no, there’s no way to duplicate or giveaway free V-bucks.

It’s not just the concern over scams that has held up this needed feature. Sony has also likely waited this long to agree to share v-bucks across multiple platforms as it was revealed last year in a court leak that almost half of the Fortnite player base is housed on PlayStation consoles. That massive amount of players likely played a big role in Sony finally OK-ing the feature for Epic.

Epic Games hasn’t sat idle during that time either. They’ve been constantly producing content for seasons and weekly challenges, among many other things. The mega-company recently inked a deal with Microsoft to get Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming, no subscription needed. Fortnite was already available through the cloud service but was only to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. This move let Microsoft get a bit more ground against Sony, their primary competitor in the gaming space. You can now play Epic’s hit shooter via Xbox’s website on browser-enabled devices.

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The most recent update saw cameos by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader as part of further promoting Star Wars in Fortnite.

Things haven’t been all good for Epic though. In 2020 the game was delisted from Apple and Google Play app stores over disputes relating to transaction fees. After Epic circumvented the app store payment systems, allowing users to buy V-bucks from Epic directly, a lawsuit kicked off. Epic eventually tried to rally around the lawsuit accusing Apple of anti-trust violations and anti-consumer practices.

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