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Total War: Warhammer 2 Rise of the Tomb Kings patch notes released

Creative Assembly has released the patch notes for Total War: Warhammer 2 Rise of the Tomb Kings which releases on 23 January. These notes are massive as there are a lot of changes, notably to the Bretonian tech tree. More than a dozen techs have been adjusted or added for the Bretonians alone.

A handful of AI-based and rendering bugs have also been fixed in this update. This includes adjustments to in-battle unit movement and abilities. One common issue with units being deployed outside the allowed areas on certain maps has been addressed for example.

AI priorities are also being adjusted. AI empires will now more accurately assess climate and nearby factions when deciding their moves, occupations, and which forces to attack first.

These notes are extremely lengthy and detailed so here’s a quick overview from CA but we suggest you read the full notes over on the official site to understand the nuances of the changes.

After millennia sleeping beneath the sands of Nehekhara, Settra and the Tomb Kings rise again, to rebuild their empire anew! Those who don’t own the Rise of the Tomb Kings campaign pack will of course encounter them under AI control over the course of their Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns.

Also available is Tretch Craventail, Warhammer II’s first free Legendary Lord. He exemplifies the Skaven qualities of underhandedness, furtiveness and sublime guile, and he occupies a unique starting position up in Naggaroth. You can download him free from Steam’s Warhammer II page extra content listings.

To accompany Settra, Arkhan, Khalida, Khatep and Tretch, we’ve made a number of overhauls to many campaign and battle features in Warhammer II, including many battle and campaign rebalancing changes to improve the Mortal Empires experience.

In addition, Bretonnia has seen an extensive overhaul, with new skills for their Legendary Lords, a plethora of new technologies, and legendary buildings in specific settlements to more closely integrate their lands into Mortal Empires.

This update is applied via Steam auto-update to your Total War: WARHAMMER II client when Rise of the Tomb Kings launches.

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