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Apex Legends crossplay beta begins next week

Apex Legends crossplay beta begins next week

With the recent rebranding of Origin to the EA Desktop App, Electronic Arts has been trying to curry favor with the gaming scene, one which has routinely turned its back to EA and their games. The PC audience in particular has been very brutal to EA, and it looks like the company is making overtures to smooth things over. The newest turn for EA involves one of the mega-publisher’s biggest games, Apex Legends. Apex Legends crossplay is about to be a thing.

Soon, both console and PC players will be able to game together. And to avoid major issues with stability and bugs, Electronic Arts and Respawn are about to put the Apex Legends crossplay through a beta phase. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC players will get access to the beta test for the cross-platform feature starting October 6. But that’s not all the game is getting next week.

There’s also a new Limited Time Event known as Flashpoint coming to the game soon too. The new event is slated to land on Apex Legends on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 6 as well. The Aftermarket Collection Event will feature a new set of challenges to complete and will tie into some new items to deck your avatars out in. The new cosmetics tie into the Halloween season as well, offering some spooky stuff for folks to enjoy.

Check out the trailer for the new event bundle down below.

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