How to get a Pickaxe in Core Keeper

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Core Keeper is a mining game after all, so of course, mining is important. It’s the most vital and common element in the gameplay loop for this smash-hit indie title. Players might be a bit confused by the crafting system, so this guide is here to help. We’re going to help you figure out how to make your most basic tools, so keep reading.

The Pickaxe in Core Keeper is one of your most important tools. You’re also going to be burning through a lot of them, considering this is a mining game, after all. Keep reading to learn the basics of how to make one, and how you can make them last longer.  You can also apply these tips to other tools, so keep them in mind.

How to get a Pickaxe in Core Keeper

Making a pickaxe or any tool is pretty simple. It’s a very similar process to making armor, simpler in fact. You can make a basic one with a bit of wood and by opening the inventory with Tab. Click the Pickaxe listed there and craft it. That should get you started. The first pickaxe you can make is from Wood. You need 4x Wood to make the basic Pickaxe in Core Keeper. It’s not very good, but it’s better than bashing things with torches. You could use your bare hands in a pinch, but that’s very slow. Gathering wood is as easy as smashing the giant roots you will find growing all over the map.

A step beyond that is the Copper Pickaxe. The copper variant uses 4x Wood and 2x Copper Bars to make. You need a bit of Wood and Copper to make that, so get hunting. You will need to make the Basic Workbench to unlock more options for crafting, so be sure to gather extra Wood for that too. The copper is a bit harder to find. There are those helpful sparkles off in the darkness, but sometimes you need to do some digging to reach them. Adding to that is the treachery of enemies off in the dark. Slimes are pretty threatening in the early game, when you most need Copper.

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How to get a Pickaxe in Core Keeper

You can also use the Repair Bench and some salvage parts to repair armor, weapons and tools. That can be hard to find, as the bits you need to repair tools can be pretty rare. It’s often better to save the repair opportunities for your armor or weapons, as they will help keep you alive. From there, you can do what you want. It’s a good idea to make sure you have food and cooking options secured before venturing too deeply, though.

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