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Path of Exile rearranges content release schedule, ships 150-page art book



GGG have now announced two new events to fill the release schedule gap left by the pushing back of 3.1.0.

Enter Turmoil and Mayhem.

The Turmoil event will run from November 10th through the 20th and adds all sorts of mobs and treasure chests to areas. Players who make new characters and reach certain level thresholds will be treated to special rewards such as special effects and armor.

Mayhem will follow, operating from November 24th through December 4th and cranking up the difficulty and craziness all across the game. The same reward scheme as Turmoil for players racing up the levels.

Path of Exile is making a few small adjustments in its schedule of content release that includes a delay of the first major post-expansion patch and a couple of new events.

A couple of weeks ago we posted a content schedule news post that included a timeline for upcoming events. We have some small updates regarding this timeline and wanted to share them with the community as soon as possible.

In the content schedule news post we indicated that 3.1.0 would likely launch on Friday December 1st (PST). As we finalise our marketing plan, it’s apparent that a better release date would be one week later on December 8th (PST). This also gives us an extra week to polish the content, which always helps! So our new target release date is December 8th (PST) but we’ll keep you up to date if that shifts forward or back again.

This also means that Harbinger’s end date is now scheduled for December 4th (PST). In the meantime, we will be hosting two 10-day events. The first of these events will start on Friday November 10th (PST) and end on Monday 20th November. The second event will start on Friday November 24th (also PST) and end alongside the Harbinger League on December 4th.

We apologise for the delay with announcing these two events. We will have more information about them within a week.

The studio teased two 10-day events that will start on November 10th and 24th, although it did not give further details about what those events will entail. So no idea how Path of Exile will change on those days. Meanwhile, Path of Exile has shipped its 150-page art book to fans who purchased the $480 supporter pack. Although it is likely that said art book will be available on its own in the future.

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Overall, fans are seemingly fine with GGG taking a bit more time to polish the new content update. With the popular 3.0 patch and the Harbinger League being well-received, hopefully GGG keeps riding the wave of success in the future.

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