Does Valheim have controller support?

Valheim Patch 0.146.8

Some PC games are just a nightmare to play on mouse and keyboard. FPS games are a different matter, but Valheim is not one of those. Along with other action and RPG games like Monster Hunter, Valheim might be easier to play for some folks on a controller. For this game, it might be more fun to get going with this option. So, does Valheim have controller support?

The game’s page on the Steam store does list “partial controller support,” and it does kind of work. You can plug a compatible USB controller in and Steam will pick up on it.  Xbox One, PS4, Switch Pro and other Bluetooth controllers should work as well, assuming you have Bluetooth support or an adapter for them.

You can also alter the button maps within the game so that the button prompts can be used natively. But. it could be a bit wonky. Valheim is still very much in early access, so that means bugs can and will happen. And not all controllers will work natively. Things like the PS5 DualSense controller and its haptic feedback aren’t designed for the game. And since the developers haven’t had a chance to patch things, there are some issues. Some users reported basic functions not working for some controllers.

I tested it with both a PS4 controller via Bluetooth, as well as a generic imitation Xbox controller over wired USB. Both seemed to work just fine. Some basic inputs might get messed up on certain setups. It mostly seems to be software issues and not hardware conflicts.

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