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Total War: Three Kingdoms offers Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC as a bonus

Total War: Three Kingdoms Yellow Turban Rebellion

We’re still a fair bit of time out from the release of Total War: Three Kingdoms, but that hasn’t stopped Creative Assembly from pushing out some really good news about the game. The Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC has been announced for Total War: Three Kingdoms, but there’s a slight catch.

The DLC, which adds multiple new gameplay aspects, is part of the early adopter package for Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The DLC will introduce the Yellow Turbans as their own unique faction, with unique units and gameplay mechanics. So you too can take on the Han dynasty with three new warlords – He Yi, Gong Du, and Huang Shao. This Warlord Pack also adds three new hero classes: the Healer, Scholar, and Veteran.

He Yi represents the Domain of People. He’s a Yellow Turban commander from Yu province and, Like the original founder of the Yellow Turban movement, he is a Healer, and empathises with the suffering of the common people. He is able to rally vast masses to the cause of the rebellion.

Gong Du is a Veteran. Originally a bandit leader in the Changsha area, he aided Ou Xing in his rebellion against Sun Jian. He is a former military commander, and something of a charming brigand: well-liked and popular with the troops. He is dedicated to claiming the spoils from the tyrants he overthrows.

Huang Shao is a Scholar, and a Yellow Turban commander from Yu Province. He is the only leader to have met the original founders of the Yellow Turban rebellion. As such, he best understands their spiritual teachings, and aims to ensure the rebellion doesn’t lose its way on the road to realising The Great Peace.

It’s pretty cool to see a new faction being introduced with such an important event historically. And since you’ll have the potential to overwrite history and change the course of China, it will be very intriguing to see what players manage to do with the Yellow Turban faction, or any other faction for that matter.

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One thing to keep in mind though it might seem similar to a pre-order, the early adopter system will work differently to the typical pre-order. Rather than having to buy the game before launch just so you can get the DLC, you can opt to wait until the first week has elapsed to buy the base game and claim the DLC. This may be useful to those who are still on the fence about buying the game to get this DLC.

Total War: Three Kingdoms releases on March 7, 2019. Check out the trailer for the Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC down below.

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