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Harry Potter action RPG leaks again, Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy revealed

Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy Leaked

The Harry Potter fandom is rabid for more content. And even though original author J.K. Rowling has been slammed with controversy over repeated transphobic comments, the franchise continues to earn popularity among various generations. A new game in the franchise has been something fans have always wanted. And with a new set of leaks, it looks like we could be in for something called Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy.

Now before you freak out, this new game has actually been around before. Previously, it was billed as being set in the early 19th century at the legendary Hogwarts school. With a new crop of characters, including Professor Elezar Fig, who would guide young magical students through the wondrous world. Players would build their skills in an action RPG setting that included exploring the Forbidden Forest and learning advanced magic as a fifth-year Hogwarts student.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened”—its apparent title at one time— was leaked a while ago. And just now the game has been thrust back into the light. The new information comes to us from a leaked focus test posted to Reddit, although it’s wise to take this with a grain of salt. Focus tests are ways that publishers and developers gauge interest with different story ideas and game concepts. It’s very likely that what we have now will change upon release.

Apparently things have changed already. The game is now called “Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy” with an entirely new setting. You’re still a fifth-year Hogwarts student, but the timeline has been pushed forward. Players will now find themselves in the events following the books, and after the final battle to defeat Voldemort. The Golden Trio have left the school and now a new cast of witches and wizards have taken over the mantle of growing in power. The story centers around a surviving Death Eater who has risen to try and claim the title of Dark Lord.

As for gameplay, it appears as though things could follow some interesting paths. The leak suggests that some kind of nemesis system will track the player throughout the game. Perhaps the choices you make can make or break alliances as the story progresses. Skill trees and progression add in the RPG elements. Various mini-games like Quidditch and an untitled card game are also teased.

It’s important to note that none of these leaks have been confirmed. So if Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy does release, it may be some time before we see it.

Source: Reddit via VG247

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