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Corruption 2029, new tactical game from Mutant Year Zero devs, coming soon

Corruption 2029

Coming from the same team that brought you Mutant Year Zero, is another fast-paced tactical title that has quite the weird narrative twist. Whereas their previous game was all about a mix of tech and mutants in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Corruption 2029 aims for something new. Developer The Bearded Ladies will be taking this game in a new direction. Corruption 2029 is a genre title still, so expect plenty of XCOM-esque gameplay, but with a very interesting turn.

Before any engagement begins, players have a choice. “Players must determine whether or not violence is necessary before engaging the enemy.” “Strategy is indispensable,” according to the developers. Setting up ambushes and picking off lone enemies is key to success in battle, but there are other paths. Sure, you can use the array of different weapons and abilities at your team’s disposal to dispatch enemies, but it’s not the only way to win.

Check out this new tactical RPG in the trailer down below. The game will release exclusively to the Epic Games Store on February 17th.

Aside from the combat, which we see a lot of in the above trailer, players can opt for stealth. If you’re on a mission to steal some vital technology, why waste time wasting every guy in the room? This focus on decision-making also echoes through the narrative in Corruption 2029. The dystopian setting offers a ton of different paths through the story, although the developers are keeping details close to the chest for now.

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