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Temtem showcases Starters in the latest trailer

Temtem Starter

Temtem is a new indie title coming from a partnership between Humble Bundle and indie team Crema. This new title is very blatant about having its roots deep in the ideas of a certain JRPG from many of our collective childhood memories. Temtem is all about capturing and battling a ton of different monsters. As your team gets more powerful, you will be able to battle other players and even take on Dojos to prove your strength.

There are other features coming too, which set this game apart from the competition. Full player housing is one unique addition. And player houses can even act as hangouts since this is a multiplayer game. The players can also challenge each other in various online modes, including a more structured pick-and-ban competitive mode. And so far, more than 160 Temtem have been confirmed for the roster, with the possibility of more coming after launch.

And just like the monster-collectathon that inspired this game, players will get to pick a starter Temtem that fulfills a basic archetype. Each starter has their own stats and focused abilities, with some of them being a bit better than the others at certain tasks. The three starter Temtem players can choose between are Crystle, Smazee, and Houchic. Each one fulfills a basic type, each their own strengths and weaknesses. Crema wants players to get attached now, so not only are these things really cute, they also are being shown off right up front before the game even gets to Early Access.

And because we know you want to know, here’s the breakdown for each starter.

  • Crystle is a Crystal-type and evolves into Sherald at Level 30. Their primary stats are Defense and HP, and they are effective against Electrical and Mental-type Temtem. A solid tank in any team, through and through.
  • Houchic is a Mental-type and evolves into Tental at Level 30. Their primary stats are  Special Attack and Speed.  They are most effective against Neutral and Melee type Temtem. As a speed-focused Temtem, there’s a pretty good case for making them a leader to get in early shots.
  • Smazee is a Melee-type and evolves into Baboong at Level 30. Their primary stats are  Special Attack and Speed. These are effective against Earth and Crystal-types in battle. A special attack user like this would be good as a backup nuker to take down a tough opponent with strong normal defenses.

Of course, this just accounts for the starters in Temtem. And given that there will be hundreds of these beasties running around to be caught and battled with, there’s a lot of type information to memorize. Luckily for you, we have a Type guide for Temtem over here. Temtem is set to release in Early Access on Steam on January 21, 2020.

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