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Amazonian survival sim Green Hell coming to Early Access

Green Hell

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re able to survive being dropped in the Amazon rainforest, there’s a new game coming to Early Access that can answer that question.

This new game is all about survival in the most brutal of settings with a serious dedication to realism. Players will have to contend with constant threats from the environment like overgrown reptiles, toxic plants and parasitic infections, as well as temperature and humidity.

Green Hell is being developed by Creepy Jar, and the Early Access release will at first be pretty barebones in terms of challenges. Players will mostly have to deal with environmental threats like heat and humidity. Creepy Jar mention that Green Hell puts “great focus on realism in both its vast worldbuilding and gameplay,” and that the studio consulted experts during development. The studio will be adding various gameplay elements like spearfishing, diving, new death animations, and “tribal enemies” as future content.

The game will be a singleplayer experience and only half of the map will be unlocked at the start of the Early Access period. The devs plan to add more elements, no confirmation of multiplayer though, at some point in the future.

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Check out the trailer for Green Hell down below. You’ll have a chance to try and survive in a rainforest on August 29 when Green Hell hits Early Access.

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