How To Farm Electro Crystals in Genshin Impact

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Electro Crystals in Genshin Impact is one of many different crafting and Ascension materials in the game. Developer MiHoYo has been adding tons of new content to the game over the last few months. Recent events give gamers more characters to explore with, as well as unique bosses to fight. There are a great many things you can collect in Genshin Impact. As the game improves and changes, more stuff gets added too. And with Electro Crystals in Genshin Impact, you need lots of it.

Where to Find Electro Crystals in Genshin Impact

You’re looking for the big purple crystal formations, they’re very easy to spot once you know what to look for. You will need this to make certain items, like Shocking Essential Oil and Insulation Potions, so it’s pretty good for certain bosses.

Here are some of the best places you can go to find this item. The Crystal drops from any of the purple crystal blocks when you hit them with Pyro Elemental damage, so bring along the right character.

  • Oceanid Boss Entrance near Wuwang Hill – Look in the rocks between Stone Gate and Wuwang Hill for a small cave, there’s a boss there and the cave itself has four of the crystal formations.
  • Cape Oath – This southern location on the edge of the map is a great locale for farming various items. This area is just at the edge of the map to the southeast of the image below.
  • Stormterror’s Lair – Another great place to look is in the northern part of Mondstadt, around this boss arena.
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If you want a bit more help finding a bunch more spawns besides these, you can look below for an image that lays many spawns across Mondstadt out. Each purple node marked on the image below is a potential spawn for Electro Crystals in Genshin Impact. Keep in mind that these nodes respawn randomly every few days.

Where to Find Electro Crystals in Genshin Impact

There’s also an easy way to find pretty much any resource in the game. The community has created an online interactive map that lists all the spawn locations for all the different items, Geoculus locations, Statues of the Seven, and much more.

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