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Star Citizen’s Around the Verse covers character concepts and the Vulture, a very familiar ship

Star Citizen ATV The Vulture

CIG have released another Around The Verse segment this week. This time, we get some beautiful concept shots of a new ship, the Vulture. Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 is on the way, and CIG are using this ATV to update backers and fans on the progress of the 3.2.0 patch. By the way, that patch is now live on the PTU for testers.

And if you notice that the Vulture looks a little too familiar, EVE Online developers CCP noticed the similarities to the Vulture and the Venture, a mining ship in EVE Online. A fact that EVE fans will no doubt tease CIG over.

The Vulture is a Drake ship that won a fan vote back in December to be the next in-game offering from the starship manufacturer. The Vulture is a newbie oriented craft, with a major focus on solo play within the salvage career. The ship is designed as a self-contained salvager and refinery for small-scale operators. The idea is to fly in, grab a bit of salvage and process it, then move swiftly on before trouble shows up. It’s a cool idea that will definitely excite industry-focused players in Star Citizen.

Other ships like the Aegis Hammerhead and Anvil Hurricane are getting new layers of polish as well. If you want to learn more, check out our other coverage of new ships being added to Star Citizen.

Aside from new ships, there’s lots of new updates for Star Citizen within the video segment, which you can find below.  We get quick run-downs of audio work, travel, mission targets, ship interiors, and tundra biomes. Feature teams are hard at work on audio and gameplay elements across the board. For example, the mining system we saw a while back is coming along nicely.

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