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CSM9 Summer Summit Minutes!


Hello capsuleers, CCP Leeloo here with some excitement about all things CSM! If you don’t know what the CSM is, then check this out!
CSM9 Summer Summit
Remember I said we would release the minutes on 31st of October? Well, that was not true. BUT! Don’t start throwing tomatoes, rocks and small furry animals at me, we will actually release the minutes earlier, in fact, RIGHT NOW, so click the image below and enjoy your warp through time to read 146 pages of declassified goodness about the Summer Summit!

Click Here for CSM9 Summer Summit Meeting Minutes!
Secondly, since I’m writing this, I would like to make a few more announcements regarding the CSM right now. Plus, one paragraph is not enough to be a dev blog!
CSM9 Winter Summit
So, since we just visited the past, it’s time now to talk about the future! Tune in for the CSM9 Winter Summit that will be held from 20th to 23rd of January 2015. Yes, you are seeing it correctly – we have increased the duration of the CSM Summit by 1 day. We feel that cramming the summit into three days sometimes leads to burnout for CSM members and can result in the last or first few session of the day dragging out a little. We want to make sure that both the CSM and CCP get the most possible benefit out of each summit, as it’s something we take incredibly seriously. This extra day means that the CSM will be even more involved in our work than ever before, and have further access to development.
Unfortunately, while CSM9 has additional time for the summit, they won’t have any additional time for their actual term. Furthermore, they will be a short-term CSM as we will be announcing the new council during the keynote at FanFest 2015, which has been moved forward to March 21 to coincide with a solar eclipse here in Reykjavik.

For all people who want to try themselves at this tough job, I will start accepting the applications for CSM10 on January, 30th and the elections themselves will happen on February, 25th.
Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the process, I will be publishing another dev-blog regarding the elections closer to that date.
Internal changes
With the new release cadence, we have realized that we need as an efficient team as possible and we can’t afford to have a CSM that is only partially functioning. We simplified a lot of internal processes and we are also working on updating the CSM White Paper right now. There will be more discussion of this and finalization at the CSM9 Winter Summit.
The main change that some of you might have noticed – we found a new way to deal with resigning members. This is thanks to your feedback from this thread, by the way!
Before now, we would just run a short staffed team. This will be changing and we will be replacing members if they decide or have to leave (we are also looking into a possibility to deal with inactive members).
We will be removing the person who has left from the ballot and re-running the elections with an updated ballot.
However, this will only be done if there are three or more release cycles left till the end of the term. We are still polishing this idea, so please, leave your feedback in the discussion thread for this dev blog.
Please expect more information about this and other changes with the CSM later in the future.

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