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CCP Planning to Remove Industry Teams

On December 4th, CCP RubberBAND took to the official EVE Online forums to announce tentative plans to first remove seeding of industry teams by the end of the month, then disable the UI features relating to industry teams in early 2015. The feature, added to the game as part of the July 22nd Crius patch, apparently flopped in the industrial community. According to RubberBAND’s post, the use of industry teams in manufacturing has never exceeded 10% of all jobs completed and their use was nearly nonexistant in research jobs. The removal of an unsuccessful feature from the game is unusual in EVE Online, a fact that RubberBAND acknowledged by calling the decision “a fairly unprecedented course of action for us.” However, CCP views the current implementation of industry teams as an addition of the “wrong type of complexity” to the game. That’s not to say that industry teams as a concept are off the table; RubberBAND made it clear that more time will be spent at a future date to rework the idea into something that adds a more significant value to EVE Online.

Reactions to the announcement have been fairly supportive; many responders in the forum thread acknowledged that the idea of industry teams is appealing, but various aspects of the current implementation – be it the auction aspect of getting teams, the lack of signficiant bonuses, or the need for specialization – have been found wanting by the community. Some, though, question whether the removal of the feature is necessary. Though undoubtedly a low number in the grand scheme of things, there are those who use and enjoy the feature even in their current implementation. There certainly wouldn’t be much downside to leaving the feature in the game in its current form until it can be reworked. Either way, it will be some time before the feature sees any substantive work done to it, as CCP continues to grapple with their plans for revamping nullsec through the next few patch cycles.
SOURCE: EVE Online Forums

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