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This is the Police 2 releases a new trailer

This is the Police 2

The excellent team behind This is the Police, a game all about corruption and malicious selfishness, is releasing a sequel.

This is the Police 2 takes the tough choices from the previous game into a new locale, and makes those choices even harder this time around. Sharpwood is a bitter and brutal place, and not just because of the cold. Not only will you have to deal with corrupt cops and unforgiving criminals, there’s even a cult in town that wants to take power for themselves. So you’re left with a choice of who to trust, and how to survive this brutal landscape filled with secrecy and danger.

Check out the “Welcome to Sharpwood” trailer for This the Police 2 down below. The game is coming soon to PC on August 2 via Steam and GoG. This Is The Police 2 will also launch on PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X later this autumn.

Just like the first game, the hard-hitting sequel is a mixture of adventure and management genres, and this time it benefits further from game mechanics that will strengthen both the strategic and tactical parts of the game. It won’t be enough just managing the equipment of your policemen and keeping in mind their individual skills. Every challenge requires the player’s direct participation on a tactical combat scene, and the outcomes will depend on every decision you make. Now your subordinates aren’t just a resource; they are living people with their own strengths, weaknesses, fears and prejudices, and you’ll have to reckon with all these things in order to survive.

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