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Black Desert Online – Contribution Points And How To Get Them

Black Desert Online - Contribution Points Guide

Contribution Points are a very important part of the game in Black Desert Online. Many players refer to them as CP, and they are the lifeblood of the economy in the game. As players need to make use of them to do pretty much everything, they are vital to making money in the game. Various activities in the game require them, and there are a lot of ways to get more. But before we talk about that, you need to understand what they are.

What are Contribution Points?

You can think of contribution points as the representation of your abilities to manage your life in BDO, particularly with respect to economic output. The basic principle is that you invest these into nodes to yield resources, hire laborers and produce goods. You can also invest in general nodes that increase the loot drops in that area.

You have a set pool of them at max level, and you must withdraw your investment in one node to move it to another if you don’t have the points to spare. Let’s say you have 40 points to spend and you invest them all in producing a particular food item that sells well. And let’s assume that the next patch causes a better item to come along and forces you to switch out of the original production you were in to chase the higher profit margins. That means you need to withdraw the CP from your chosen production tasks, and then reinvest it

What do I use them for?

These points in the game can be used in a variety of tasks. You invest them in various activities for a reward. The most common use is to invest them in various nodes around the map. There’s fierce competition over resources in this game, and you will need to be fast and efficient with your use of resources and time.

You will see these nodes all over the map and you can choose them to figure out what the cost is to invest in that node, as well as what you get out of it. To invest in a node you need to visit the node manager of each node in that area. There is one way around this, as you can invest directly from the map for the cost of 10 Energy when you have a premium value pack active. When you have an active node invested in, you either get the resources from that node or you get boosted drops in that area.

You can also use the points for renting houses and other assets from NPCs.

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How do you get more Contribution Points?

Once you have reached level 20, you can start taking part in quests called  Daily Contribution Experience Quests. These are simple quests that are the main way you increase your maximum pool of CP. These quests often require you to explore the game and fulfill various basic tasks. Think of this as a secondary XP bar, one that only fills up when you perform the right activity.

When you cook some food items or make potions, you often will find that you fill that bar. Each of the main regions has a set roster of Daily CP XP quests that can be performed.

Thanks to the BDO community, the full list of all active quests in the game have already been mapped. Here is a complete rundown of all the different daily quests you want to target. Just pick a region and run through it for the day to farm out Contribution XP:

Another great way to get Contribution XP is to make beer. Beer is used as fuel for workers, and is very important for the health of your economic empire in BDO. What you want to do is get your crafting time down to as close to 1 second to make auto-crafting as fast as you can. Whenever you cook, you can gain certain items that can be used to turn in for contribution points.

Here’s the recipe for beer:

  • 5 x Grains of the same type x 5 (can be: oat, barley, corn, wheat, potato)
  • 1 x Sugar
  • 2 x Leavening Agent
  • 6 x Water

You will want to get a specific item build to do this. You want crafting clothes that give you the best possible boost you can get to crafting yields. Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes are a good option for starters. And any items that reduce crafting time will speed this up. The key is not to actually farm the beer, although it’s very useful. These will yield various other items that can be turned in for Contribution XP.

Velia offers a maximum of 8 workers, which cost a total of 6 Contribution Points in worker lodging. You can set these workers to farming for various items you need to make Beer. This makes it pretty easy for new players to use the surrounding Potato and Corn nodes to make Beer.

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