What are the new max light level caps in Destiny 2?

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Each mission in Destiny 2 will often make the player aware of something called power level. The gear you drop will also have a power rating on its stats page. This is a number that represents where on the developer’s power curve the items sit. This gives the players a clue as to what activities they can complete. And with a new expansion, comes tons of new items to find and exploit.

You get a bunch of rewards from these Engrams, including weapons that can be broken down and recrafted into what you want. Not only are Exotic weapons coming out in all manner of new forms, but there’s so much more to learn. There’s also a bunch of powerful and strange new weapons, like the Parasite, which were added to give players something to chase. And along with that chasing, comes Engrams once again. Umbral Engrams are back old-timers, and that means there’s a new trick to unlocking them. You need to gather Risen Umbral Energy to do so. This involves completing PsiOps Battleground missions, and these are quite tough.

Just like previous years, there’s a hard cap on just how powerful you can be, according to the gear and mods you use. New players jumping into the game for the first time will want to be aware of this, so they can gauge what kind of missions they can take on.

Max Light Level Caps in Destiny 2

The floor rating listed below is the lowest possible rating that gear will drop at. All the weapons in the expansion have been adjusted to adhere to the new power curve. Older weapons may have even gotten nerfed to accommodate this, but generally, everything got some kind of uplift in power. And with the new crafting system, you can make your dream gear anyway. As you play through the new campaign and various missions, you will encounter more powerful enemies, and you’re going to need stronger gear to get past them.

  • Floor: 1,350 (up from 1,100)
  • Soft Cap: 1,500 (up from 1,270)
  • Powerful Cap: 1,550 (up from 1,320)
  • Hard Cap: 1,560 (up from 1,330)
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