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How to Unlock and Equip Titles in FF XIV

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Showing off in competitive and cooperative games are a super cool thing for many players. Whether it’s some kind of armor or weapon that’s unique or its a special tag, there are plenty of ways to show off. Titles in any MMORG are a great way to do that. Sometimes, you complete a particularly difficult quest or dungeon, and you earn a rare title to signify that accomplishment. There’s a bit of a flex that comes along with all that. And with FF 14 coming to Xbox quite soon, finally, there’s a lot more players you can flex to.

Titles can be displayed next to a player character’s name. All titles are earned from completing certain achievements. Titles are purely cosmetic and can be used as a reminder of an achievement. There are titles for leveling, completing quests and tutorials, and other things you do in-game.

How to Unlock and Equip Titles in FF XIV

The basic process is very simple, keep reading to learn more.

The basic idea is that you need to know how to navigate the menus.

To equip a title in FFXIV, all you have to do is go to the Character menu, click on profile, select “Title”, choose a title you have acquired, and then click Save.

Here’s the full process laid out:

  1. Press C on PC, or click the Character button on the UI to open the character menu.
  2. After you’re on the Character page, go to Profile, which is the second tab on this window at the top.
  3. At the top of the menu, you will see a heading called Title. There will be a small button there that says Acquired Titles.
  4. Click that button and then select the Title you want to apply.
  5. If you have more than 100 titles, click the page buttons at the bottom to scroll the list.
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If you’d like a full list of all the in-game achievements, so you can equip titles in Final Fantasy 14, check out the wiki page for the full list and what you can do to get each one. The types of achievements vary quite a lot. Here is a basic breakdown of what each grouping is, and what to expect when trying to earn them.

  • Fighting – Fighting and defeating enemies and claiming their loot.
  • Leveling – Each class has a set of Titles based on achieving certain level milestones.
  • Earning Currency – Earning mountains of Gil and other currencies can get you titles too.
  • Collecting Stuff – Collecting special items and loot with Minions and other mechanics reward titles as well.
  • MSQ – the MSQ is a must, and a great way to earn some basic Titles.
  • Other Quests – Different classes and quest milestones can be completed for more rewards.
  • Co-Op Content – Doing dungeons with other players will be a good source of Titles in FF14 as well.
  • PvP – PvP achievements that grant titles are based on your rank, as well as basic progress.
  • Crafting – Crafting elements like powerful items or achieving certain Job milestones can earn Titles.
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