How to have an enemy named Clark Kent in BitLife

How to complete the Lex Luther Challenge in BitLife

We’ve got another fiction-inspired challenge this week in BitLife. The player takes on the role of iconic Superman villain by becoming a wealthy tycoon with a criminal streak and a brilliant mind. Players have to embody the evil CEO and truly become the evil mastermind some have always wanted to be. The new Lex Luther Challenge in BitLife Is pretty complex, luckily we have a guide to help with one of the harder steps. Here’s what you need to do to make Clark Kent and create that iconic rivalry.

How to have an enemy named Clark Kent in BitLife

Since the iconic villain is a foil to Superman, you have to have a rival named Clark Kent in BitLife. There are a few options here, we’ll start with the most simple. Now you need to focus on making that archnemesis. Whatever method you use, you need to make them your enemy, so make sure to sour the relationship by insulting them and other tricks after you make them have the right name.

The easiest method is to make any coworker your enemy during your digital life, and then use the God Mode addon to change their name. This is best done when you’re working up the CEO ladder, and has a lot less randomness to it. The one downside is that the addon is a paid upgrade. Not everyone wants to shell out the cash, so there are other methods.

A good way to also force the change is to have a son, and rename them. While you’re working up the corporate ladder as Lex, try to find a wife or partner and get married. When you have a child you can rename them anything you want. Just get a relationship, get married, then make your child’s name Clark Kent. This is probably the easiest free way to make Clark Kent in BitLife. The only other option you have is to hope that the RNG gives you a random character with that name, and that takes too much luck to rely on. So really, just have a son, rename them to the right name, then make them your enemy.

Now, you’re good to go with your new rival, Clark Kent. And just for the sake of clarity, here are the rest of the steps:

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