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Check out the Outer Worlds gameplay demo from E3 2019

The Outer Worlds Companion Gameplay

Obsidian Entertainment will be releasing The Outer Worlds quite soon, but to tide gamers over until their new exploration and survival game releases, the developer had a fair amount of new gameplay footage to show off at E3 2019.

The player-driven RPG is a very big open world. Said open world is actually an alien planet that you’ve crashlanded on as a new explorer. The player is tasked with exploring alien worlds for an admittedly terrible mega-corp. And because The Outer Worlds is an Obsidian game, expect lots of character customization as a core mechanic. Gamers will also interact with various denizens of this new planet, and can potentially recruit them as companions. Each of these companions will have their own stories and questlines to interact with.

In essence, this is Fallout: New Vegas in space. There’s a quirky art style and the open world is stuffed with quests and random events to undertake as you trek across the landscape.

The Outer Worlds will come out on the Epic Games store as a timed-exclusive on October 25th, 2019. Steam (and on other digital platforms) sometime in 2020. Sad for PC gamers not wanting to support Epic, but that’s just the way things are right now. You can see both the full gameplay demo from IGN down below. There’s also a new gameplay trailer down there too.

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