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Launch trailer released for Anthem


Electronic Arts and Bioware have finally dropped the launch trailer for Anthem. This snappy new bit of video focuses on what gamers really want to see, the new Javelin exosuits in action. And even though we’re only weeks away from the launch of this narrative-driven shooter which features plenty of action and even more multiplayer fun.

Anthem takes place in a super-advanced future world where freelance mercs using Javelin exosuits dominate the battlefield. The gameplay itself is either a singplayer or four-player co-op experience through a ton of missions and content, both of PvP and PvE varities, with a deep and engrossing narrative about various factions vying for power. Since it’s a Bioware game, expect plenty of engaging characters and a moral play weaved into an epic adventure.

And since the game is being built in the Frostbite 3 engine, the visuals are truly next-gen. And on PC, they’re going to look even better, because the game will get a post-launch patch allowing the newest RTX GPUs to use Nividias new DLSS technology. This evolving algorithm applies machine-learning technology to the process of developing new drivers and BIOS updates for GPUs, increasing performance over time for many games, including Anthem.

In other news, Anthem is also getting some Xbox One console bundles on launch too. But that’s just the start of the good news for fans and gamers. EA and Bioware haven’t wasted any time in pumping up the hype machine for this title.

Check out the new launch trailer for the game down below. There’s also a story trailer, as well as a trailer highlighting the multitude of end-game options which will be in Anthem. If you’re looking to grab the game on PC, why not check out the system requirements for Anthem as well.

Anthem is due to release on February 22, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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