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June ExileCon Qualifier Race and more coming to Path of Exile

POE announces ExileCon Qualifier Race

This week has been pretty crazy for POE fans, with patches, news and plenty of cool cosmetic items being dumped into our laps. Now GGG has some news about community events that will get plenty of people excited, the return of another race event.

In this instance, players have a chance to win a VIP ticket to the event by taking part in a special race event that’s being put on by community members with support from the devs. The event will be open to 2,000 players and will be hosted on a special hybrid private server of Legion with both Hardcore and Solo-Self-Found rules in place.

ExileCon is a convention for Path of Exile which GGG is putting on later this year in New Zealand. We already know that news about the upcoming 3.8 expansion will be there, as will some teasers about progress on the currently unknown 4.0 mega-expansion.

The race is to take place on 29th of June and is the second qualifier out of four total leading up to the grand finale on ExileCon’s main stage in November.

As of writing, the prize pool sits at $200, chip in here. Here’s the breakdown of prizes so far:

  1. Rank 1: 40% of prize pool + ExileCon VIP package
  2. Rank 2: 25% of prize pool
  3. Rank 3: 15% of prize pool
  4. Rank 4: 10% of prize pool
  5. Rank 5: 10% of prize pool


In other POE news, Grinding Gear Games has announced some cool new MTX cosmetics for the APRG. The newly-revealed Zenith set expands with a new Aura effect which applies for the various Aura skills in-game like Hatred and Wrath. Check it out in the new trailer below.

Finally, gamers on PS4 and Xbox One got some good and bad news this week with the launch of the 3.7.1c patch to those platforms. Though this update did work out some performance issues and gameplay problems with Legion League, it introduced a new bug that could cause player models to get stuck in place. There is a workaround of pressing ‘L2’ on PlayStation 4 or ‘LT’ on Xbox One to move out of this state, but no permanent fix has been issued yet. GGG is working on a solution though, no ETA on a patch.

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