How to Sneak in Project Zomboid

How to Sneak In Project Zomboid

Skills are a big part of surviving and thriving out in the real world. You need to learn marketable skills to get a job. And when the crap starts hitting the fan, you’re going to want to know how to survive out on your own. But when it comes to games, the urgency is not as present, unless you’re facing some ravenous hordes of undead.

Zombies in various forms of media are often attracted to sound, and the same is true in Project Zomboid. You will always want to avoid conflict whenever you can. And avoid making loud noises like breaking windows, whenever you can. This tends to attract huge hordes. especially when you’re out in big city environments. Getting swarmed by a horde is a good way to get killed off. For that reason, it’s vital that you level up your ability to sneak in Project Zomboid.

Here’s everything you need to know about that.

How to Sneak in Project Zomboid

When you want to sneak in Project Zomboid, you need to remember a few things. For one thing, your sneak is directly dependent on your Sneaking skill. Skills in Project Zomboid are something you work on over time. Unless you cheat, you won’t start the game with perfect skills in any category. As you snoop around avoid zombies, your ability to avoid attracting attention gets better. You may also notice a reduction on loud behaviors attracting zombies if you have high Lightfooted scores.

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Lightfooted can be leveled by Sneaking, Walking or Running near zombies while undetected. You will also be able to level Sneaking in the same manner. The two skills can be considered as an extension of the same mechanic.

Anytime you wish to sneak, press C on your keyboard while undetected. This was changed from older builds, as it used to be toggled be pressing and holding the right mouse button. You can also change this key binding in the game options. If the ‘C’ button does not make your character sneak in-game, check that key binding.

Keep your head on a swivel while sneaking, as any attention from a zombie will end your hidden state. Every instance of sneaking will raise your sneak skill, but only for as long as you remain hidden. If zombies start chasing you, it’s time to bolt. Keep in mind that you can’t see behind you, so you need to constantly peek behind you, as well as around corners, to stay alive.

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