How to Get Coordinates and Teleport in Valheim

How to fast travel in Valheim

Teleporting in Valheim has two methods. Sure, you could build the full machine after gathering the parts, and then Teleport in Valheim, but that takes time. There’s a much faster method to go for if you want to be bale to rush to some area of the game world.

This is a fair bit different from the basic fast travel in Valheim, as this is functionally unlimited. You won’t need to gather those annoying Surtling Cores to build the Teleporter. Sure, it’s a good mid-game goal to work towards, but some players just like to cheat. Yes, this console-based method is cheating, deal with it. With that in mind, here’s what to do.

How to Get Coordinates and Teleport in Valheim

For starters, you need to use the in-game console. If you’re OK with cheating, continue reading. If you’re not, stick with the basic fast travel system and slog it out.

The latest patch for the game has changed the way this all works, make sure to check that out first for more details.

The basic process is kind of the same as before, and the old console commands still work. Here’s how to turn on the in-game command console:

  1. Open Steam Library
  2. Right-click on Valheim
  3. Click on Properties
  4. Find the Launch Options field in the General tab
  5. Enter “-console” in the Launch Options box

Now you can enable console commands when you launch the game, here’s how. You just hop into the game and press F5 to enable the console itself. You then need to type devcommands into the console.

Once the console is enabled and open, it’s time to begin. For now though, you need to know what your coordinates are. The teleport system in this game works on a coordinates system, so you need X, Y, and Z coords to go to a place in-game. Without those, the command won’t work right.

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How to Find Your Coordinates in Valheim

When you’re ready to find your location, just open up the console and type in ‘pos’. Now hit enter. This will give you a readout for your current player position in the world, keep that in mind. You might want to go around and use this command in all the areas you normally travel to. So find a nice open area at your base and the common spawn locations for various resources, and then note them all down.

Now, it’s time to teleport.

How to Teleport in Valheim

This part of the guide assumes you’re using the cheat method, obviously. So when you’re ready, here’s what to do.

To teleport somewhere in the game world, open up the console and input “goto” followed by the coordinates you got earlier. So if you’re coordinates are -1120, 77, 155, you would input “goto -1120 77 155” without the quotes. This would teleport you to that location right away.

Make sure to always use the three values when teleporting. If you have a pos value that’s underground, and forget to include the Z value, you’re going to end up splinched into the earth. That’s going to hurt quite a lot. Some players may prefer to toggle God Mode before using these commands. That’s up to you though, you don’t have to.

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