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Pokémon Go Disables PokéStop And Gym Contributions

Pokemon Go

is a game built around the idea of exploring the world around you and finding new Pokémon, as well as making friends. The game revolves around exploring the towns and cities we live in and catching beasts, while also taking part in battles. Players often have to travel to PokéStops to collect Pokéballs, Potions and other stuff to make their adventuring easier. But with a recent change, PokéStop And Gym Contributions have been nixed for now.

Developer Niantic has been consistently expanding the game with plenty of new features over the last four years, increasing the features with PvP battles with a ranking system. New PvE Raids and roster expansions over the years added new content. And with a recent update, Niantic planned to add even more content in the form of new PokéStops And Gyms for players to adventure to. Players would suggest these new additions via the Wayfarer Tool.

The release of the new Wayfarer Tool would allow the playerbase to suggest new locations. The Wayfarer Tool was basically a way to bring new content into the game through the combined efforts of all the millions of players. Players can submit location data, names as well as a photo to list for the location they would like to add to the game. Pokémon Go trainers who are at least level 40 could have taken part. The developers would then collect this information together and select the best possible locations to add to the main game based on feedback and player demand.

Although shortly after turning the options on in-game, Niantic had to walk back the features just as quickly. The gamers and fans of Pokémon Go were extremely eager to add new locations to the game to help themselves out while playing. Because of that, the servers were being pounded with tons of update requests and they needed to be stabilized. So Niantic pulled the ability to suggest new stops from the game.

Since Pokémon Go was first released back in 2016, there have been plenty of moments like this. For several periods in those early months, servers were overwhelmed as millions of players hopped on to train their favorite Pokémon. Players routinely couldn’t log into the game for hours on end, and sometimes for days.

The most infamous was the Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago. This event was plagued with technical issues that made the entire game unplayable. Players couldn’t take part in the new Raids, barely even being able to log in at all. And with thousands of fans at the event, it was a mixture that could only lead to disaster.

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